New Blog!

Hi! I have been wanting to blog, but I’m not too good at writing. Hey, at least I’m going to try!

So let me start off by saying what I did today. Well, today we actually weren’t going to do anything, as it is the last day of break and everyone in my family is tired. But, my parents were talking about moving some furniture around, so they changed some furniture in one of the rooms. Now the room they changed has lived up to its potential.

I also wanted to get some new furniture or switch things up in my room, because I feel like its too childish, but lets see when I actually do go and attempt to. I have this weird habit of wanting to do something, but not doing it until like  couple of weeks, so lets see when I take action to change my room.

Later, I was watching some PopularMMOs (my favorite you tubers 🙂 and DanTDM ( who I don’t like as much, but is still amazing) and I was hungry, so we had to choose to go eat outside or to grill some fish ( which I HATE eating) and chicken for me. We called our friends and decided to eat at an Indian restaurant named SHAN. It was delicious, but today it was just too much to eat, despite the fact I didn’t eat anything else that day. After eating there, we went to DAISO JAPAN, which was across the street. Daiso sells cute Japanese items for only $1.5o excluding some items. I got many things such as socks, modeling clay ( btw i’m terrible at modeling), a cute ice cream calculator, scrunchies, duct tape, and some coloring books for kids that might come to our house.

After we came home a kid did in fact come to our house. We colored, watched some clips from The Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, and played with her MLP plushie and Barbie doll.

Now they left, and here I am writing this blogpost.

Goodnight! Hope you had an amazing day!




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