Going to the Doctor

Hi again!

So today, after school, I had to go to the doctors because, 2-3 weeks ago, I fractured some part of my knee and count’t bend/ step on it. But now, I can indeed step on it. We had a checkup, and as usual, I called my mom after school telling her to pick me up. Apparently, the electricity went out in our house and in some other parts of our neighborhood, and the car was in our garage, so she couldn’t come. So she called my dad and my dad told her to open the garage with her hand because if he came to pick up me and my mom from his work, we would be late. My mom DID open the door, got the car out, and picked me up.

I was wearing a knee brace in which I couldn’t bend my knee, which was good. When we went to the doctors, they told me I needed a smaller knee brace which I could bend my knee.  After the doctors, we went to my after school class, which I was 40 minutes late because of the doctors. My after school class isn’t like sports, but mostly for learning. It was fun today because after we went over some stuff, we played charades with the whole class. It was very funny :). When I came back home, I ate some leftover from the Indian Restaurant from yesterday. I started on my homework, which was only one math page. After that, I decided to take le ol’ organ ( an electronic piano). I hadn’t played in a coupe of years, so my playing was rusty and I got frustrated. But,  my favorite anime, A LITTLE SNOW FAIRY SUGAR, was basically all about music, so they had music sheets for the music. I tried playing them, then realized that I also forgot how to read sheet music. I printed the sheets and wrote the letters on the sheet and also labeled my piano with the keys. I started playing, and am almost done with one of the pieces, but am stuck on some other one. BTW I printed out 5-6 music sheets. Then, I decide to write this blogpost.

I will continue to play the piano for the night, then probably sleep. Also, I want to play the piccolo or maybe flute. I am searching for lessons. If any of you have a class that you know of plz tell me in the comments 🙂

Good Night



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