Moving (not really)


Anyways, hi. I wanted to talk about something very important that has happened in my life, moving. When I was in 4th grade, my parents announced “special” news. We were moving. And not like to another street in the same city, but we were moving to Turkey, my parents home country! The thing was, I didn’t know Turkish as well, my friends were all here, and I was afraid of the schools. But, I couldn’t do anything. No matter how many times I cried, they still moved. My parents just wanted to be closer to their parents which I understood. When we moved, we had a small house, and it made me feel cozy. I went to a private school there so I wouldn’t have trouble with Turkish, but I actually never really did. People there were nice and were eager to have me as their friend. I lived there for 2 years, then my parents were like we are moving back. They said that they love being close to their family, but they wanted to come back to America. Basically, they missed America.

So we moved back in the 7th grade. I have a nice house, got 2 cats, have lots of new friends, have a nice school, and a steady and peaceful life.

Hope you enjoyed it!



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