Piano Problems

Hey! So today, i’m going to talk about one of my hobbies, the piano. I started playing about 5-6 years ago. I was pretty good, and I loved the piano, but after 3 years of playing, my piano teacher moved. That was sad because she was very nice and she was also my mom’s friends. So, I ended up playing for 3 years, then never played again. We never really bothered to look for another teacher, mainly because we were moving too. When I moved back (i’ll explain where I moved and so) I got out my piano and after the 3 years of not playing, I was terrible.I had to label my piano, print out sheet music so I could also label the notes, and I was frustrated. But, I did memorize a small, but cute piece, called “Graceful Violin”. I was also thinking about starting the flute or piccolo. I also might be getting piano lessons 🙂

Other than my piano problem, my days were normal, which was why I didn’t want to blog. Normal school, normal after school classes, normal homework.

What instrument do you play ( and no, mayo and horse radish is not an instrument Patrick :))

Hope you’re having a good day!




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